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Adobe Captivate 6, 7 & 8 Reposition Closed Captions Widget


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What Does It Do?

This widget allows you to change the size and position of the closed captions panel at runtime allowing you to save precious canvas space and artfully display your custom design or logo.   You can hide the CC close button and automatically show the closed captions without having to assign a variable.

Live Demo

Live Demo


This widget was created using the awesome WidgetFactory framework. 

How Does It Work?

  1. To use the widget, just drop it on the canvas and resize and position.  The CC panel will conform to the width and height and location of the widget on stage.
  2. Publish for Flash Player 9 or above.


  • Adobe Captivate 6, 7 or 8
  • Publish for Flash Player 9+
  • Modifying the Adobe Installation as described in the video.

Try Before You Buy:

You can download a trial version to test in your own projects.  It will display a red “Trial Version” and the logo in the upper right corner of your project.  To remove the trial version logo, purchase the premium version below.

Download Trial


Does not work with HTML5 Published Captivate content.

Change Log:

  • Version 6.0 – Initial Release
  • Version 6.1 (April 5th, 2013) – Widget no longer needs modifications to the file to modify width and height.  Widget now compatible with Captivate v. 6.1.  Widget no longer restricted to one per project.  You can have as many widgets as necessary.
  • Version 8.0 (June 9th, 2014) – Updated for Adobe Captivate
  • Alvin Sorianojr

    For purchasers of the older version, for Cp5.x, how can we get the updated one for Cp6.x?


      @85e29312d62d69fe8cba46ad3e34b8e3:disqus :  You need to purchase the 6.0 version.  It had to be re-written from the ground up to work with Cp 6.0.  

  • Zelly Caslan

    Are there plans to make this work with HTML5 publishing? And if so, when?


      Yes, I have it on my list. Unfortunately, I cannot give you a firm date as to when it will be released. If I had to guesstimate, I would suspect early 1st quarter of next year.

      • Patty

        Is an HTML5 version available now? Please email me.

  • Karthick Raju

    Does this have scroll bar inside Closed Captions?

  • JesicaG

    Hi Jim,

    I am using 6.1 and this widget isn’t doing anything. Or at least the trial version isn’t. It doesn’t work on the demo project provided in the zip folder and it doesn’t work in my project.

    Do you have any idea how to do this without a widget? I have no problems programming, I’m just frustrated with fighting captivate to find where I should program….

    • JesicaG

      Thanks Jim for the updated version for 6.1.

      What is great about this widget is it 1) you can place it on the first slide and it plays on all slides thereafter, and 2) it seems to play even if you have “master slide objects on top.” This is the first widget I have seen for 6.1 that can do those things. So Jim, you are on a role!

      I didn’t test changing the size and height. Just tested that the placement part worked, and it did.

      Now if only you could solve the html 5 issue… :)

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  • Drake Highlander

    Getting a fatal error that causes Captivate to close when I attempt to add the Reposition Closed Captions widget to the widget panel. Using the full version, not the trial. Followed the instructions in the video. Any suggestions?

  • Brad Cahoon

    After using the trial version on a project, I just purchased the widget and installed it. Within my project, I deleted the trial version of the widget and inserted the purchased version. It works, but I still see the red Trial notice in the upper-right corner of my slides. How can I get this to go away? Thank you!


      @ Brad Cahoon: When you open the widget’s properties, does it still say “TRIAL” down at the bottom left of the properties dialog? If so, then you still have the trial version of the widget. You’ll need to delete that and re-insert the PREMIUM version into the project.

  • François

    I cannot size the width of the CC with the widjet any idea?


      In order to modify the width, you have to swap out the cpCC.swc file as mentioned in the install instructions.

  • Jeff

    Great widget! Was curious about what a single license entitles me to?


      A single license allows one Captivate Developer in your organization to utilize the widget. If you have 3 Captivate Developers in your organization, you’ll need 3 licenses.

  • Ryan

    Hello, I just downloaded the widget for Captivate 7 (how can you tell what version of captivate 7 you have?). the widget seems to work well until you deactivate Auto Play – then it is as though the widget is no longer a part of the project.


      @ Ryan: You can tell what Cp version you have by going to Captivate’s “Help” menu, then “About Adobe Captivate”. I just deactivated Auto Play in Cp 7.0.1 and it did not affect the widget at all. It works as expected. Also, you will need to modify your Captivate installation as described in the widget’s install instructions. Have you done that? Please note that this widget does not work with HTML5 output.

      • Ryan

        Oh ok, I just tried it with the preview (f12)…

      • Ryan

        ok. i have … yes I installed like instructed, published it as swf, and it doesnt work correctly. Obviously, something was messed up in the installation process. When I double click on the widget on the slide , it says (Captivate 6.x) as a subtitle.. Perhaps that means I installed the wrong one. Either that, or I installed it incorrectly.

        • Ryan

          It still works with Auto Start activated.


            @ Ryan: Although the widget says for Captivate 6.x, it will also work for 7.x.

  • Ryan

    Hi Jim, I think i just posted a question, but I don’t see it, so I am going to post it again. Forgive me if its redundant : ) I just purchased this repositioning widet for C7, and during run time the its 300 pixels or so off to the left from where it should be. I tried publishing the project and the problem remains…. Do you think you can help me out? by the way, the trial was fine..

  • Dan

    I really like this Widget, but will have to wait until it works with HTML5. Any further ideas when this might come out?


      @Dan: When Captivate 8 is released in a few months.

  • Walter

    Is once enough?

    I just bought this very nice little widget and noticed that when I tested it on the first slide that it appeared to effect the cc size/location on all following slides as well. I had originally thought I’d need it present on all slides I intended to let users use the cc function on and have it run the length of all those slides, but I’m wondering if as long as it runs once even for a short time that is enough.

    Does this only have to run in the timeline once for it to work on all slides? If so, I’m thinking i can just put it at the start of the first slide for a second and then it should be set.


      @disqus_NjgTQ4oFBN:disqus: That is correct. If you only want to modify the CC panel once, then you can place the widget on the first slide, size and position it, and set its timing for “rest of project”. Setting the timing will ensure that if an end user resumes a course in an LMS setting, that it will resize and position the cc panel when they resume.

  • Guest

    Just to make sure will this widget report to a LMS using scorm?


      This widget has no effect and is not related to any LMS or the reporting whatsoever.

  • JesicaG


    Any word on an html 5 version?


      @jesicag:disqus: Nothing yet. However, it would be really easy to validate a text entry box using JavaScript with HTML5 output.

  • jfreyvogel

    I have been trying to test the trial, but haven’t been able to get it to work. I followed the installation instructions – matching the version numbers – and added the swf to the slide, however I still get the default CC box. I’d appreciate any help with this.


      @jfreyvogel:disqus: Try testing from a true web server. Also, make sure the widget is on the first slide of your project and it’s timing set for “rest of project”.

  • Michael

    I have a course that is using your reposition widget in captivate 6 that crashes in firefox upon launch. If I delete the widget, republish, and reupload, the course runs fine. Does anyone have any insight for this issue.


      @Michael: Try publishing with a different version of Flash and see if that helps.

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