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  • Cp 7 JavaScript Series

    Adobe Captivate 7 JavaScript Video Series

    Make Captivate do amazing things not possible out of the box with JavaScript.  This video series is designed to take you from entry level knowledge of JavaScript, to becoming proficient in the tools and techniques that will help you build better learning experiences.

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  • BlogImage.png

    Adobe Captivate 6, 7 & 8 Dynamic PDF Export Widget

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  • Google LMS With Email Reporting

    Adobe Captivate 6, 7 & 8 Google LMS Widget With Email Reporting

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Some of our Blog Posts

  • Decimal Accuracy in Adobe Captivate 8

      You may have noticed that SWF output in Adobe Captivate will truncate numbers with more than two decimal places.  You’ll also notice that if you try to display 0.00 through a variable in a text caption, it comes out as 0.  This demo addresses these issues using JavaScript.   Here’s the code using the new Captivate […]

  • HTML5 Captivate Projects Freezing in Google Chrome v. 36 +

      The Problem: If you noticed that your Captivate 7 or 8 projects are freezing in Google Chrome, there’s good reason.  The Web Audio API HTML5 spec has changed and has deprecated two key JavaScript functions: noteOn() and noteOff().  These are currently being called at the start of every Captivate project.  Chrome v. 36 is […]

  • Adobe Captivate 8.0 Released – Did They Get it Right?

        The Adobe Captivate Development Team is truly taken on a HUGE challenge – Responsive Mobile Design.  It is now possible to create a single Captivate responsive project that will publish  to desktops, tablets, and phones.  Even their capture tool supports the ability to “responsively” capture for multiple screen sizes in one fell swoop! […]