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  • Dynamically Leveraging Web Objects in Adobe Captivate 8

           This example was created  in Adobe Captivaet 8.0.1 Wouldn’t it be powerful to dynamically change a Web Object at runtime?  There was an Adobe Captivate forum post asking if you could dynamically change the src attribute of a web object.  The src attribute is the source of the web object… meaning the web page […]

  • JavaScript Video Series for Adobe Captivate 8


  • Decimal Accuracy in Adobe Captivate 8

      You may have noticed that SWF output in Adobe Captivate will truncate numbers with more than two decimal places.  You’ll also notice that if you try to display 0.00 through a variable in a text caption, it comes out as 0.  This demo addresses these issues using JavaScript.   Here’s the code using the new Captivate […]

We are closed for business forever. Thank you for your patronage over the years. Access to the JavaScript video series will end 12/31/2015.